AVID Scholarship

The AVID Scholarship Program at Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) is made possible by the generous support of Orange County philanthropists and community leaders committed to the academic and life success of AVID students. Working in partnership with the Draper Family Foundation Fund, Dad’s House, Syage Family Scholarship Fund, Beatrice Levin Scholarship Fund, the Orange County Department of Education’s AVID Program, SchoolsFirst and the AVID Orange County Dollars for Scholars, the AVID Scholarship Program at OCCF provides scholarships to qualified AVID graduating seniors in Orange County.


  • A student enrolled in the AVID program for a minimum of three years
  • A student who demonstrates a commitment to higher education despite personal and/or financial obstacles
  • A student who has been accepted to and will attend an accredited four-year college or university
  • A student who has earned a minimum GPA of 2.8
  • A student who demonstrates a commitment to the community

Applications Open Friday, September 30, 2023 and are due by Friday, December 8, 2023

Individual awards up to $6,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently enrolled in the AVID elective class at your school?
  2. Please check all grades in which have been enrolled in AVID. Must be at least three years to qualify. Must be enrolled in grade12.
  3. If you checked grades 6, 7, and/or 8, please provide the name of the AVID Intermediate, Middle or Junior High School(s) you attended.
  4. Current AVID Teacher's Name
  5. Current AVID Teacher's Email
  6. Current AVID Teacher's Phone
  7. Please briefly describe (30-40 words max) the impact of your AVID experience. Statements may be used in publications.
  8. Name of Parent/Guardian
  9. Relationship to you (Ex. Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Foster Parent, Etc.)
  10. Parent/Guardian Email Address
  11. Parent/Guardian Best Daytime Phone:
  12. Father's/Guardian's Occupation
  13. Mother's/Guardian's Occupation
  14. Father's/Guardian's highest level of formal education
  15. Mother's/Guardian's highest level of formal education
  16. AP/IB Courses in Progress: List all AP or IB courses in which you are currently enrolled and the anticipated test date.
  17. AP/IB Courses Completed: List all AP or IB courses you completed and the test score (if applicable).
  18. College Courses Taken or In Progress: If you have taken any college courses, please list all courses (course numbered 100 or above) in chronological order and grades received.
  19. The signed Authorization and Release Form must be uploaded to the application due December 8, 2023. Upload the signed Authorization and Release form here.
  20. Letters of Recommendation Instructions: The AVID scholarship requires two letters of recommendation. References should include an AVID teacher/coordinator and an academic subject area teacher, school counselor, coach, employer, or community/nonprofit leader. DO NOT submit letters written by friends or family members. The references you entered in the general application will automatically will be contacted via e-mail to respond to questions about you. It is strongly suggested that you contact your potential references to confirm their wish to participate, as well as notify the recipient they will be receiving an e-mail from OC-CF and to check their spam system. Letters of reference must be submitted online by January 7, 2024. Do not submit paper copies of your letters of recommendation. Recommenders may contact Treena Salerno at tsalerno@oc-cf.org if they are having any technical questions when uploading their letter of recommendation.
  21. AVID Teacher Application Review - In addition to uploading a recommendation letter, AVID Teachers must review the application submitted by each of their nominated students PRIOR TO submission on December 8, 2023. Reviews may occur by: A) Nominees saving the application as a PDF and sending it to the AVID Teacher; or, B) Virtually reviewing the application with students via screen share. Teachers will access Google Form link included in their Recommendation Request Email. On the form AVID teachers will indicate that they have reviewed the nominees’ application prior to submission and affirm that any Mandated Reporter concerns have been addressed per California mandated reporter guidelines.
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