FEDCO Teacher Grant Program

The Orange County Community Foundation, in partnership with the FEDCO Charitable Foundation, is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for Orange County public school teachers serving students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Priority will be given to schools that serve children with low socioeconomic status and/or low academic scores; for example, schools with low test scores and/or have a high percentage of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch program.

Teachers may apply individually for grants of up to $750, or collaborate with other teachers at their school and submit a joint application with a maximum of 4 teacher applicants and a maximum of $3,000 per project.

FEDCO teacher grants provide funding for hands-on classroom projects or field trips that help bring learning to life. The goal of this grant program is to increase student academic achievement in one of the core subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies. Highest priority will be given to projects that incorporate classroom-linked or community-based experimental learning that is connected to California curriculum standards.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Eligible teachers must currently teach full-time, or be part-time applying with another part-time teacher, and teach in a public school in Orange County School Districts that serve students Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • The school principal or administrator must understand and fully support the project, as evidenced by signing the statement at the bottom the application and final grant agreement.
  • Teacher(s) must propose a class project that is aligned with and supports the state curriculum standards and includes all students in the class.
  • Priority will be given to schools that serve children with a low socioeconomic status and/or poor academic achievement.
  • The school must be in good standing with OCCF as evidenced by completing reporting requirements from previous awards.


  • Project is likely to increase student understanding and achievement connected to the state curriculum standards in language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies.
  • Project goals and learning objectives are clearly defined and tied to students’ academic needs. The expected impact on student performance is described for all participants.
  • If a field trip is involved, well-planned, pre- and post-trip are connected to classroom learning objectives.
  • Activities, timelines, and logistics are clearly described. Grant funds must be expended by June 30, 2018.
  • The budget categorizes and shows item by item the use of grant funds. The project or field trip will cost $750 or less per classroom. If the project or field trip costs more than $750 it is clear that other funding is secured to cover the balance. For those working on a joint project with other teachers or classrooms, the collaborative effort is explained (a maximum of four full-time teachers may collaborate on one project).

$750 - $3,000